Breast augmentation surgery in Iran

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Breast is the most important symbol of femininity for a woman. Breast size, shape and prominence are very important to women, and play a key role in fitness.
 In fact, it is psychologically recognized as the embodiment of a woman's fertility and beauty. For this purpose, breast augmentation is performed with other organs for the beauty and size of the breast.
Sometimes the pups are very small or very large or have been dropped due to genetics, lactation or weight loss. Or even having to lose one or both breasts due to illness.
All of these problems can be resolved by consulting a plastic surgeon and performing surgery and returning the former vitality to your morale and body. Improving the appearance and shape of breasts by lifting or enlarging the breasts can have a great impact on restoring confidence and feeling good about your body.


Breast augmentation surgery in Iran, Breast augmentation


Benefits of Breast Surgery at Iranian Cosmetic Surgery Center

Choosing the best surgical procedure and the best type of prosthesis for breast surgery

There are various ways to perform breast augmentation surgery. At the Iranian Surgery Center, we choose the surgical procedure that will place the breast in the most natural way possible, with no disruption to breastfeeding or nipple anesthesia, minimizing the chance of infection and bleeding. Also, there are no restrictions on mammography. We plan surgery to minimize anesthesia and minimize bleeding during surgery to minimize bruising and swelling after breast surgery.
We also use Mentor prostheses, which are certified by Mentor Company with a 10-year warranty. Mentor prostheses are approved by Europe and the US and Iran Food and Drug Administration.


Breast surgery with top plastic surgeonsbreast enlargement in iran , breast enlargement

With over 1000 successful surgeries in all types of breast surgeries, providing the highest quality surgical and cost-effective service, we are the first choice of many breast augmentation surgery applicants. Our customer satisfaction is proof of our success in all cosmetic surgeries.


Natural and good surgical results

Many women like to have the result of a highly proportioned, good-looking and natural breast surgery. At the Iranian Cosmetic Surgery Center, we bring you the best results and experience, taking into account your taste and medical discretion tailored to your body. Also, if you have a minor breast augmentation, this will be resolved at the same time as our surgical procedure, and after breast surgery, you will have upper and more formidable breasts.


The specialist nurse will be waiting for you to come to your senses with a gift

After breast surgery, at the Iranian Surgery Center, when you wake up in the recovery room, you will see a specialist and kind nurse taking care of you and checking your vital signs and will calmly answer all your needs and questions. He / she will provide the necessary reminders for the recovery and will provide you with a brochure to read if necessary. It will also give you a gift of care, including a special brush.


After breast surgery, surgery is free if there is a serious problem or complication!

In rare cases, there may be problems after breast surgery. In this case, the Iranian Surgery Center will perform the reconstructive surgery at no cost to you. All costs will be borne by us. Keep in mind, however, that minor and taste problems do not include free surgery and can be performed at an additional cost if the surgery is repeated.


Provide medical rest certificate for 2 weeks

Since you need a break for at least 2 weeks after breast surgery, we issue a Certified Medical Rest Certificate at the Iranian Cosmetic Surgery Center. You can enjoy a comfortable recovery without worrying about working conditions.

 Breast enlargement surgery


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In what ways is breast enlargement possible?

If you want to increase the size of your breasts in addition to improving the shape and condition of the breasts, you can do the enlargement with the breast lift.
 Prosthesis is the only way to enlarge the breast. But the prosthesis does not replace the breast lift. Prosthesis alone may alter the shape of the breast to a certain extent and make it tighter, but the lower tip may only be corrected by breast lift.
The effect of any topical breast-tightening worms, hormone medications, or exercise or devices that are promoted to improve, enhance or return to the former form of the breast has not been established.

 Breast enlargement by prostheses

Breast enlargement by injecting fat into the breasts

Breast fat injection can improve breast size, or correct any asymmetry or deformity in the breasts.
 To inject fat into the chest, fat is first extracted from the body such as the abdomen, flank, and buttocks using a low-pressure liposuction device. It is injected into areas of less prominent breast.
Keep in mind that 40% of injected fat is excreted. This way you can only enlarge your breasts by half to one size. Fat injection can be repeated if necessary. The results of the second operation will be better than the first, because in the first operation the foundation is well established. Usually one year after the first injection into the breasts, the injection can be resumed.
Injection of fat helps to increase the size of the breasts but it cannot cause the breasts to become round and form.
Complications of fat infusion can be asymmetry in the breasts and asymmetry in the breasts. After a while of fat injection, the fat may accumulate in one place and create a mass in the chest that has no choice but to undergo surgery.
Injection of fat into the breast can be used as a complementary procedure during breast prosthesis surgery to remove irregularities in the shape of the breast.


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What to Do Before Breast Surgery

It is advisable to have a mammogram or chest ultrasound before breast surgery, for those over the age of 35 and for those under 35 who have a history of breast diseases, including breast cancer. Avoid birth control pills two weeks before to two weeks after breast surgery

As a breast surgery applicant, you should avoid taking aspirin, brofen, indomethacin, piroxicam and mefenamic acid and all herbal medicines and herbal supplements for 3 days to 2 weeks. And if you need painkillers for any reason, just use plain acetaminophen or codeine because they can cause blood clotting and cause subcutaneous and bruising bleeding after surgery.

At least two weeks before breast surgery, you should discuss any medication with your plastic surgeon.  The night before breast surgery you should go to the bathroom.

If you are a smoker, it is advisable to quit smoking for 6 months or at least 6 weeks before breast surgery to strengthen your immune system.

Avoid alcohol consumption two weeks before breast surgery because alcohol prolongs your recovery process.

Before undergoing breast surgery, you need to talk to your doctor about any underlying problems such as heart, lung, liver, kidney, mental neuropathy, and any other addiction or illness, such as hepatitis, etc. to take precautions during breast surgery.

Also, if you want to lose weight, do this before performing breast surgery. Because weight fluctuations after this procedure may cause your breasts to drop again.

 breast lift in iran, breast lift

How to perform breast augmentation surgery

Women of all ages, if they are in good physical and emotional health, are good candidates for cosmetic surgery and breast surgery. But this should not be done on people under the age of 5 unless the difference between the two breasts is very high.
Although breast prostheses are designed to last for a very long time, according to the US Food and Drug Administration, breast prostheses need to be replaced with new ones during their lifetime.

Breast incision may be performed in 3 areas:
1- Axial incision: In this method no incision is made on the chest. But access to the replacement site is difficult and the prostheses may be higher than they should be.
2. Breast incision: The most common type of incision is under the chest. Because the prosthesis is easier to access, the incision is made under normal breast folds and is not seen later and is less likely to cause further problems.
3. Breast augmentation: Suitable for those who want to have a lift while performing a prosthesis.

This surgery takes one to two hours and you will be discharged after half a day or at most one day after breast surgery.


The size and shape of the breast prosthesis are determined by several factors:

  The size and shape of the breast prosthesis depends on the size you want to grow and the size of your breast tissue, your bone, and the elasticity of your breast tissue. Prosthesis is measured in cubic centimeters.

 breast implants , breast implants  in iran


Placement of Prostheses in Breast Surgery

Prosthetic placement is one of two places:
Subcutaneous prosthesis: On the chest wall muscle and below the breast gland tissue
  Sub-muscle prosthesis: Under the chest wall muscle just above the chest
The location of the surgical incision for breast implants depends on your preference and your plastic surgeon.

The most natural result comes from implantation of a prosthesis under the muscle. In addition, implantation of the prosthesis underneath the muscle results in fewer side effects and a lower incidence of a condition known as capsular contraction (hard and irregular scar tissue created around the prosthesis).
  In young women who are likely to become pregnant and breastfeeding, it is advisable to place the prosthesis under the breast muscle as the prosthesis is not exposed to the breast tissue and can perform lactation.

The post-operative healing process is a little longer (two to three days) following the procedure, and the pain and discomfort of the first few days after surgery may be slightly higher, while the rate of mammography is less than under the gland. That's it. So in the long run it is more desirable.

The subcutaneous procedure may cause severe bumps on the chest. This may make the prosthesis in the woman's breasts quite evident, especially when the breast size is much larger. For women who are not expecting pregnancy and lactation, this procedure is more appropriate because it is performed on the breasts and the skin on the breasts is used for greater relief.

Another choice to make is between brine prostheses or silicone gel prostheses.


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What you will experience after breast surgery

Breast enlargement is, in most cases, an outpatient procedure, which is performed either with complete anesthesia or with local anesthesia with a sedative drug in an independent office or surgery center or hospital operating room.
In some cases, the patient may be advised to stay overnight in the hospital. When you come out of anesthesia you are likely to feel dry and burning. Breast tissues are being stretched to fit the breast prosthesis. The swelling that results is a result of breast surgery itself.

 Most of this pain and discomfort can be controlled with oral medications. Pain relief pump that directs the drug directly into the breast.
  It may be recommended during the first three days after surgery to relieve pain and discomfort. In some cases, small thin tubes are inserted into the incision to drain any excess fluid that may accumulate there. For the first week or more, after surgery, cosmetic surgeons will probably tighten your bra, bandage, or bandage.

 Your breasts may be swollen and your dentures higher than expected. And it may take several months for the prosthesis to be fixed in its final location.
Sometimes after a breast surgery, the nipple is numb for up to 6 months to a year, but this is not a concern and this will resolve over time.

Breast health testing requires that you always tell your healthcare professional that you have a breast prosthesis.

 breast protez surgery in iran, breast protez surgery

What to do after breast augmentation surgery

Tobacco users should refrain from smoking for several weeks before breast surgery while recovering.
In addition, wearing a special bra that is prescribed for you is very important in relieving chest pain. Even when your surgeon allows you to no longer tighten your bra, it may be easier to sleep if you wear a light sports bra at night.
  Proper wound care after breast surgery and proper post-operative breast massage, as the cosmetic surgeon instructs, helps prevent potential problems such as contractile capsules and malformed scars.

For the first few weeks, after breast surgery, you need to sleep on your back. For the first two weeks, avoid prolonged lying down and keep your head 30 or 40 degrees above the body using a pillow. To get up first climb to the side and then get up. Don't have sex one week after your breast surgery.

Avoid squeezing, bending or lifting or holding even light objects and avoid pressing on your chest and hands for the first few months. And avoid lifting weights more than one kilogram.

Do not do any vigorous physical exercise or exercise for six weeks after breast surgery because it may cause the prostheses to slip out of place.


After breast prosthesis surgery, choose a proper diet that contains plenty of natural juices and juices. Don't eat high-fat foods at all. Because it increases the swelling and bruising after surgery. Also avoid high-fat foods and foods that cause bloating, especially the day after surgery.

Exposure to the sun can keep the wound from becoming infectious or red.

Always use your special bra or surgical band as long as the surgeon recommends, usually up to 8 weeks after breast surgery. It is recommended to permanently use combine after surgery.

After breast surgery, beware of severe fluctuations in your weight, as pregnancy and severe weight changes and aging may cause the breasts to relax again.


Take a walk at home 24 hours after your chest surgery, and the following week you can do light activities such as hiking.

From the day after surgery, you should shower regularly or for a day and wash the sutures with shampoo and iodine solution. Showers should not take more than 10 to 15 minutes and use warm water of 40, 50 degrees.
  Once the healing is complete, your annual plastic surgery examination is also important to assess the status of your dentures and breasts. You should also go to a gynecologist every year for a breast exam and check for changes in your breasts and masses.

 plastic surgery in iran , plastic surgery


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Risks and Possible Complications of Breast Enlargement Surgery

  Risks and potential complications of breast augmentation surgery include hematoma or subcutaneous hemorrhage, chest tenderness and nipple sensation, or numbness. Irregular and rigid texture. There is also a poor chance of unwanted breast milk production after prosthesis.

This may stop by itself or you may need to take medication. It is also possible that the incision site will not be well welded or the scar will remain. Prostheses may be displaced, leaked or torn. There are also risks associated with anesthesia.

Mild cases of capsular contraction can be reduced by breast massage or small capsule removal if treatment is started early.
In some cases, the problem is so severe that the scar tissue needs to be removed and the prosthesis restored.
Occasional constriction may occur as a result of bleeding or mild infection.

Breast enlargement is not likely to impair breastfeeding ability. Or doesn't change the feeling of the woman's nipples. However, as with any surgery, it can have potential complications and cause one of these conditions.

Studies have not found a significant relationship between breast prosthesis and the risk of breast cancer. And the use of breast prosthesis has no effect on the diagnosis of breast cancer.

If you choose prostheses of inappropriate size (larger than the proper body size), it will put pressure on the breast tissue and the weight and elasticity of the breast, and will provide for premature ejaculation (often due to aging). . And sometimes you may have to remove the prosthesis because of excessive pressure on the breast tissue.


Breast augmentation surgery in Iran, Breast augmentation


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