Women and Men's breast reduction surgery in Iran

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Breast reduction surgery is often therapeutic surgery for both men and women.

Your question may be why in men and women someone wants to have breast surgery to reduce the size of the breast? It should be noted that in women, breast surgery is often performed to reduce the size of the breast due to severe pain in the neck and shoulders. It occurs due to the heaviness of the breasts on the spine and shoulders. Sometimes it also affects the shape of the spine, meaning that the person has a hump.

Fortunately, all of these complications can be treated with breast reduction surgery.

In this article, after introducing the surgical services of Iran Cosmetic Surgery Center, first the story of breast reduction for men and then the information of breast reduction for women is fully examined.




Benefits of breast reduction surgery at Iran Cosmetic Surgery Center

Perform breast surgery with the best plastic surgeons


With more than 1000 successful surgeries in all types of breast surgeries, we have become the first choice of many applicants for breast augmentation and breast reduction surgeries, offering the highest quality surgery and services at a very reasonable cost. Our customers' satisfaction is a proof of our success in performing all cosmetic surgeries.

In addition to breast reduction surgery, we will also perform breast lift surgery for you, which will make your breasts smaller, firmer and rounder.


Our surgeons always use techniques in breast reduction surgery that create more volume above the breasts. A good amount of breast tissue is removed to achieve the desired volume and at the same time your breasts will be rounded. The remaining tissue of your breast is shaped and sutured to have prominent, firm, young and round breasts after breast surgery.

Dedicated planning for you to achieve your desired result


Due to the different anatomy of each person and the different goals of each person, this surgery will be unique in each patient. The skill and experience of our surgeons have enabled us to assist all the men and women who come to our clinic for breast reduction surgery.


breast surgery in Iran


24hour online surgeon support for you during your recovery


After breast surgery, especially in the first week, every patient has concerns about their physical condition during the treatment period. Our surgeons will be in touch with you and your nurse 24 hours a day and will answer all your questions, and in case of any problems, the necessary measures will be taken immediately to resolve them.

We at Iran Cosmetic Surgery Center have a special program to prevent infection.


Before starting breast reduction surgery, we take special care to deal with the possibility of infection after surgery. You will be given antibiotics before breast surgery. This simple procedure reduces the risk of infection during breast reduction surgery or later in recovery.

Choose whether your surgeon is a man or a woman


We have a large number of experienced plastic surgeons with experience in cosmetic breast surgery. Our medical team includes both male and female surgeons - which is good news for some women.
Breast reduction surgery is a very personal process. So if you are not comfortable with a male surgeon, fortunately we have female surgeons in our medical team who specialize in breast surgery and plastic surgery.


We use a bleeding-free technique for breast reduction surgery.


The advanced technique we use in breast reduction has several advantages over other clinics. Our method is without bleeding. Using a surgical device, the surgeon burns a small blood vessel by opening each breast tissue. To reduce excessive bleeding during surgery, which helps control bruising and speed recovery.

We use a suture technique that reduces scarring and speeds up the healing process


Closing incisions at the end of surgery is what sets us apart from other plastic surgeons. We use a 3-layer system for sutures to speed wound healing. In these three layers, which are done from the inner and deepest layer to the most superficial layer; In the first and deepest layer, the suture is made of a material that is slowly absorbed by the body and this suture remains in the body for several months to completely close the deepest layer.

The second layer of this suture is absorbed faster than the deep layer and is used in suturing both ends of the incisions to reduce the pressure created by visible wounds on the surface of the skin.
The last layer of sutures is used to close incisions in the surface of the skin. These sutures, which are suitable for the soft tissues of the outer layer of the skin, are absorbed sooner than other sutures so that the final wounds become thin and faint lines.

In addition to the suture system, we use medical adhesive on the incisions after breast reduction surgery. The adhesive helps to reduce the pressure on the cuts during repair. The less pressure is applied to the wounds, the smaller and more invisible they will be after recovery.

After surgery, we offer a warm serum and an electric blanket.


Usually after surgery, the patient wakes up feeling cold and sometimes shivering. For your convenience, after breast surgery, we provide you with a warm electric blanket so that you do not feel cold, and before any injection, we warm the injected serum to a suitable temperature.

In the recovery room, a specialist nurse will be waiting for you to wake up with a gift


After breast surgery, at Iran Surgery Center, when you wake up in the recovery room, you will see that a professional and kind nurse is taking care of you and checking your vital signs and will calmly answer all your needs and questions. She will give you the necessary reminders for your recovery and will provide you with all the information that is presented orally in the form of a brochure so that you can read it if necessary. It will also give you basic care items such as a special bra as a gift.

breast surgery in Iran

You will receive a medical certificate for 2 weeks of leave.


Most patients can return to work one to two weeks after breast reduction surgery. But recovery is as important as surgery, so give yourself time to recover. Before leaving our modern clinic, make sure you get a 2-week break medical certificate.


After breast surgery, in case of acute or serious problems or complications, repeat surgery is free!


In rare cases, there is a possibility of problems after breast surgery. In this case, Iran Surgery Center will perform reconstructive surgery for you at no cost and for free. All costs will be borne by us. Of course, keep in mind that minor problems and tastes do not include free reconstructive surgery, and if the surgery is repeated, it can be done at an additional cost.

We warmly welcome your presence at Iran Cosmetic Surgery Center.
At Iran Cosmetic Surgery Center, we take care of all the arrangements for your stay in Iran


Our non-medical services include:
Consultation with a doctor online before attending in Iran
Airport welcome
Coordination for the hotel
Accompany you to consult a doctor
Accompany you to perform preoperative tests
Dedicated nurse after surgery: If you travel alone to Iran and need a nurse, full-time nursing will be by your side during your recovery and will meet all your needs.
Urban and intercity tours in Tehran and Iran: If you want to do a patrol in Tehran or beautiful cities of Iran before surgery, we will provide all the necessary facilities for you and you will have a memorable experience of traveling to Iran.

Cosmetic Surgery in Iran Cosmetic Surgery


Men's breast reduction surgery in Iran


Men's breast reduction surgery in Iran


How do men's breasts get smaller?

Gynecomastia means women's breasts in men.Women's breasts in men are not always caused by obesity and lack of exercise. Even men who are physically fit and desirable may have extra tissue in their breasts.
In cases where this complication is hereditary, it usually begins at puberty.Other reasons include the use of medications such as prescription hormones and the use of anabolic steroids or marijuana.The presence of women's breasts in men does not harm men in terms of health, but it can be very effective in their emotional and mental health and can be very annoying.With the correction of gynecomastia, the prominence and volume of men's breasts decreases, and men's breast profile takes on a muscular appearance.Men's breast reduction surgery can be corrected by fat suction or surgery, depending on the amount of extra tissue.

Suitable candidate for breast reduction surgery

Suitable candidates for male breast reduction are adolescent men whose breast size has remained constant for two years.Adult men are also good candidates for breast reduction. If the breast has grown and stretched the skin for a long time. After breast reduction surgery, the breast area hangs. Other procedures may be needed to correct the skin.

Men's breast reduction surgery

Details of men's breast reduction surgery

Men's breast reduction is corrected by one of the surgical methods of shaping the body:

Removal of tissue and, if necessary, additional skin
Fat suction

In order to achieve good results, and to increase the safety and satisfaction of your memory by shrinking your breasts, you must first carefully determine: what is causing this complication. That is, the cause is extra glandular tissue, or excess fat, or both. For this purpose, it is best to consult with a plastic surgeon with a specialized board encyclopedia and experience in both fat removal and suction methods. In cases where the complication is mainly compressed glandular tissue, better results can probably be obtained by removal methods. Breast augmentation surgery is usually hidden in men in the area around the nipple (the colored skin of the nipple) or in the armpit area.
If extra skin is to be removed, the incision is likely to be made around the aura, and sometimes in the crease under the breast. The incisions should be sutured. Compression coatings may also be used. In cases where excess fat is also involved in men's breasts, it may be necessary to use a fat-absorbing method. Wherever the cause of this complication is simply fat, the desired results can be achieved by sucking the fat alone. Inflatable suction methods are suitable with the help of ultrasound.

 breast reduction

What I expect after breast reduction surgery

Surgery to shrink men's breasts is performed under general anesthesia and local anesthesia with sleeping pills. The type of anesthesia in breast reduction surgery depends on the procedure and the recommendations of your plastic surgeon. In almost all cases, men's breast reduction is performed on an outpatient basis in the office or surgery center or operating room of the hospital. You will probably feel a little uncomfortable and in pain after the breast reduction surgery, and it will be a little swollen and probably bruised.

The bandage may be wrapped around the chest to push the skin into the new body shape and protect it until the tissue heals. Small thin tubes may be inserted into the incisions to drain any excess fluid. It is usually possible to control pain and discomfort with oral medications . Even if you feel you can take care of yourself, the responsible adult, family member, or friend or professional must be by your side at least 24 hours after the operation. You can resume normal activities as soon as possible . As long as you don't lift heavy objects or do anything that pushes or pulls. Within a week or two, the stitches can be removed. Depending on the technique used and the volume of the procedure, you can resume your normal daily activities as soon as you feel ready. You should avoid any physical activity that requires heavy lifting or the use of forceps until you have fully recovered, and your plastic surgeon will recommend it.

What you need to know about men's breast reduction (risks and possible side effects of men's breast reduction)

Potential risks and side effects of men's breast reduction surgery include: 1. Loss of blood. 2. Accumulation of blood or fluid under the skin. 3. Complete incurability of incisions. One of the methods of fat absorption.
In addition, there are risks associated with anesthesia. It is possible to create unevenness and asymmetry in the chest. It is not always possible to create complete symmetry between the two breasts.

In addition, you may need other surgery to improve results and correct unwanted results, or remove excess skin.

breast reduction surgery

Your responsibilities after breast reduction

Most importantly, it is your responsibility to follow all of your surgeon's recommendations, including stopping smoking before surgery and throughout the recovery period. Careful care of wounds and activity recommendations should be followed carefully. If this complication is caused by the use of anabolic steroids, or marijuana, think about cutting them off, not just to keep yourself looking good, but to keep yourself healthy.


Your goals and results from breast reduction

Breast reduction surgery results can be seen immediately. However, the end result is determined by the disappearance of the swelling. The results of breast reduction in men are usually permanent.
However, in some cases, severe weight gain may change the shape of men's breasts. In addition, when breast reduction surgery is performed on adolescents whose growth is not yet complete, further breast growth may alter the results of the procedure.


It's not just physical

Male masculinity and self-confidence usually occur immediately after breast reduction surgery. Some men decide to exercise after this operation. In the case of adolescents and young adults, breast reduction may improve social skills and even better academic performance. When something that was once a source of ridicule and embarrassment no longer exists, self-confidence is greatly enhanced. New outfits in your closet will include tight-fitting T-shirts and sweaters, and of course Mayo.


 breast reduction in Iran



Women breast reduction surgery in Iran

Shrinking surgery to reduce the size of large breasts, putting the nipple in a more natural position and converting the aura size (colored area around the nipple) to a more normal size. The purpose of shrinking is not just to fit the female body, but to alleviate the physical symptoms associated with it.

These symptoms include:
1. Back and neck pain
2. Deep and painful rejection of the bra that is worn to hold the breasts
3. Hives and inflammations of the skin that may occur under the folds of the chest
4. Pain in the chest because it pushes the weight of the hanging breasts forward

breast reduction surgery in tehran

The practice of shrinking the breast, which is scientifically called reducing mammoplasty, can be very rewarding.
In most cases, a woman may be relieved of the pain and limitation of physical activity due to the large breasts, which can cause a woman to shrink.

Breast reduction surgery also improves one's body posture in addition to being fit for the female body.
And it allows them to wear models that they couldn't have before. In addition, you may be inclined to have a fit body, be able to participate in sports and even feel confident.

breast reduction surgery in Iran cost

Suitable candidate for breast reduction surgery

Suitable candidates for breast reduction surgery are women who do not have serious health problems. Despite having very large breasts, they have a relatively normal weight and their breasts are almost complete (around age 18). The reason for waiting for almost complete breast growth is that more breast growth may greatly alter the results of breast reduction surgery.

Women who plan to have a baby in the near future may have to postpone breast surgery. Because pregnancy and lactation may lead to breast changes. Weight loss and weight gain, along with a variety of hormones, may also affect breast size, and you may need to repeat the procedure.


Methods of breast reduction surgery

Surgery to shrink your breast may be performed in one of three ways:
1. Cutting and removal with pedicure techniques, in which other tissues are removed while the blood vessels and nerve nerve are still attached.
2. Fat-sucking methods only to reduce excess breast fat. Surgery performed alone or in conjunction with a cut of the breast tissue and skin.
3. Nipple implantation and transplantation where the tip and extra tissue are removed, then the tip is transplanted to the newly formed breast (this procedure is rarely necessary).

breast reduction in iran

Breast shrinkage, by fat suction method

In cases where large amounts of breast do not need to be removed, fat suction techniques alone can reduce breast size by removing excess fat deposits in and around the breast.
If you want to reduce the size of your breasts with fat suction, your skin should have a good elasticity and your breasts, though larger, should not hang or be pulled down.


Best Breastfeeding: Pedicure Breastfeeding

If the breasts are pulled down in addition to being too big, the best way to shrink is to remove the tissue, fat and skin.
In the pedicure method, it reduces the size of the breast, giving it a better shape. It shrinks the aura and lifts the chest and puts its tip in the right place
A pedicure means that the blood vessels and nerve of the nipple do not cut and allow them to stay connected during the operation, and as a result, the nipple will still be sensitive and prominent. Except in very rare cases, the pedicure technique should always be used.

women breast reduction surgery

What awaits me after breast reduction surgery

Breast shrinking surgery is likely to be performed with general anesthesia, and you may need to stay overnight in the hospital depending on the volume to be removed. When you are out of anesthesia you will find that you are wearing a tight bra or bandage. Thin tubes may be placed near surgical incisions. To discharge the fluid and blood that accumulate within a few days after surgery. You will feel pain and discomfort at the incisions. You may find that the back and neck pain that you felt prior to breast reduction surgery is largely gone. Postoperative pain and discomfort can usually be controlled with oral medications.

Walk after surgery as soon as possible after the breast augmentation surgery, though your physical activity will be limited to a few days after the wounds heal.
You are advised not to lift anything heavy or to avoid anything that may require shaking or pulling. It is recommended that you sleep under your head when sleeping.
You may be asked to wear a special bra or bandage for a few weeks after your breast augmentation surgery so that your breasts will not move during healing. One to three days after surgery, the drainage tubes are removed. The sutures are pulled up to two weeks after surgery.

Walk after surgery as soon as possible after the breast augmentation surgery, though your physical activity will be limited to a few days after the wounds heal.
You are advised not to lift anything heavy or to avoid anything that may require shaking or pulling.
It is recommended that your head be higher by a pillow during sleep.
You may be asked to wear a special bra or bandage for a few weeks after breast reduction surgery to keep your breasts from moving during healing. One to three days after surgery, the drainage tubes are removed. The sutures are pulled up to two weeks after surgery.

You can resume normal activities within two weeks of breast reduction surgery, or as soon as you are ready. If you do not lift heavy loads, do not run and avoid anything that may cause the breasts to jump or hit them in the process of healing.

breast reduction surgery costs

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