Facial Lift Cosmetic Surgery in Iran

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How to correct an aging face and neck with face lift?

Facial lift is a plastic surgery to rejuvenate the middle face and lower part of the face, including the jaws and neck. With a facial lift, the skin of the face and neck is stretched and smoothed. In the SMAS method, in addition to facial lift, the facial muscles are also pulled to the skin to change their location.
Facial lifting, invented in Europe in the 1980s, was invented and quickly gained popularity in the United States. Facial lift corrects all the factors that contribute to aging.


Facial lifting is inevitable for the following reasons:

   Aging of the facial and neck muscles
     Decrease facial fat and decrease facial fat
     Loose skin and hung face and neck


By lifting the face, the following parts are typically smooth and look better:

     Loose and dangling jaw that causes jaw line to fade or no clear border with neck
     The neck skin hangs, which can become choking
     Vertical strips or strands that form on the neck (strips of skin on the neck)
     Fold the sides of the nose to the corners of the lips
     Lines on the lips to the chin


Don't be fooled by marketing and advertising as well as face lift without a surgical cut or face lift at lunch time. These are the surgical procedures in which the incision is to be made. Anesthesia and time spent in the healing process. Potential complications can also follow, just like any other surgery.


Suitable candidates for face lift

  Suitable candidates for facial lifts are men and women of different ages who are generally healthy and want to give their face a younger look and the vibrancy they feel in their hearts is reflected in their faces. In addition, suitable candidates for the face lift are people without chronic illnesses who may disrupt or endanger their wound healing.


Before performing a plastic surgeon's facial lifting, make a x-ray of the face, blood test and ECG to examine your exact operation and health. Stop smoking and alcohol at least 6 weeks before surgery to strengthen your immune system. And do not use chemical and herbal remedies for herbal remedies two weeks before face lift surgery.


What to expect after facial lift surgery

  Facial lifting is usually performed under general anesthesia or local anesthesia with sleeping medications in the office, surgery center, or hospital. Depending on your medical condition and the length of surgery, you may be outpatient on the same day or may be advised to spend the night in a hospital or specific recovery location.
After recovering, if you have nausea, be sure to talk to your nurse.


When your face lift surgery is complete, your head will most likely be bandaged. Some surgeons may use special bandages or pressure pads. Your face will be a little numb. It may take a few days for a small, flexible tube to remain in your incisions to drain any excess fluid that accumulates under the skin. You should expect all of this, and your pain and discomfort can be alleviated with oral medications and cold compresses that are soft and flexible.


If your operation is performed on an outpatient basis, it should be accompanied by a responsible family member, friend or adult nurse. And stay on your face for up to 4 hours after the lift

. Mouth opening, talking and eating may not be easy for you. A diet of watery foods may be appropriate for the first few days. You will be told not to shave your head at all. In order to reduce swelling or bleeding and ease the discharge of excess fluid, you must rest and sleep under the arch and sleep on the vault.
As soon as you feel ready after lifting your face, you can resume your daily light activity, but will probably spend the first few days with simple activities such as reading or watching TV. After three days, you can take a light shower and go to the bathroom the next day to remove the sutures so that the sutures can get wet and soak.

Within one to two weeks, your condition will improve rapidly.   And you can have more activities You can usually cover bruises with cosmetics at this time, provided your surgeon gives you permission, it usually takes 2 to 4 weeks to get ready to go out.


It can take anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks for most of the swelling and bruising to get more natural. During this period, it may not be bad for you to choose a hairstyle that covers the front of your ears without pressure to gradually improve your scalp. Welds are permanent, but if they are in the right place they will rarely be visible after several months.

Sun protection is essential not only in the early stages of healing but for the rest of life.

Know the Complications of Facial Lifting

Surgery for facial lift and rejuvenation is a safe procedure with good results, provided surgeons with the appropriate education and skills do the job.
Possible risks of facial lifting include subcutaneous hemorrhage, asymmetry, shedding of cuts, thickening of scars.

cheeks may be numb for several months. This is not important. Nerve damage can occur, though rarely, and part of your face may weaken for several months and even forever.
The dangers associated with anesthesia should also be remembered.

Your responsibilities during face lift

  Tobacco can have a very negative impact on wound healing and the likelihood of good results after lifting. It is recommended to avoid smoking for several weeks before face lift surgery and throughout recovery. In addition, acting on your surgeon's advice is crucial to raising the chances of getting good results.



Endoscopic face lift method  in Iran:

Endoscopic face lift method: can be used for forehead lift and middle face lift.
In this procedure, after small incisions are made in the skin, surgical equipment and a camera with which the surgeon can see the tissue, enter the tissue and separate the tissue attached to the bone from the bone, and then the released tissue. Using yarns that last a long time or permanently, pull upwards and fix the tissues.

In endoscopic facelift surgery, the lift can only be performed in certain layers (usually in the tissues attached to the bone) and there is no possibility of lifting in the soft tissues and layers.
This method is not suitable for people who want to do a middle face lift and have a wide face, and it may cause the proportions of the facial components to be disturbed.


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