Rhinoplasty in Iran

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Your nose is an important member that allows you to smell, taste, breathe properly. It is also the most important component of the human face.

rhinoplasty or Nasal plastic surgery is a 1- to 4-hour surgery with general anesthesia or topical anesthesia with a hypnotic drug. This is done to create harmony in the face or improve nasal function. Reno, the Greek word for nose. Plasticity also means shaping. With rhinoplasty, the nose is reshaped to improve the appearance or breathing of the person.

Rhinoplasty in Iran

The Benefits of Nasal Surgery in Iranian Cosmetic Surgery Center

Improve nasal function or maintain previous function

One of the most common causes of respiratory problems related to the structure of the nose is the deviation of the nasal septum.

This blade is the main anchor on both sides of the nose. A blade that is deflected, hunched, swollen, or displaced may prevent air from passing through one or two nasal passages. Fixing this problem requires removing part of the blade and removing it. If the blade structure is severely defective, cartilage or bone grafting (behind the ear or rib) may be necessary.

Occasionally, after nasal surgery, normal nasal function will be impaired.
  At the Iranian Cosmetic Surgery Center, we will resolve these problems if you have a respiratory problem (due to deviation or dislocation) of the middle blade. And if you have no problem with this, we guarantee that your nose performance will not change.
If necessary, grafting the cartilage or bone from other parts of the body will strengthen your nose so that it does not change or deviate from the shape of the nose over time.

Rhinoplasty in tehran

Improving appearance with nose surgery

Nasal surgery is the most common facial surgery. Rhinoplasty results in one or all of the following:
• Nasal bridge correction - correction of hunches or dents, wide or narrow bridge correction
• Nose tip correction - Shrinking the highlight / button tip, changing the tip angle or lifting the short tip
• Deformation of nostrils, including shrinkage of loose holes
• Correction of several nasal features including size, angle, and curvature of the nose in relation to other facial components


At the Iranian Cosmetic Surgery Center, we bring together experienced and experienced plastic surgeons, integrating medical science and the arts of beauty, taking into account individual preferences and ethnic / national identities, and with regard to the harmony of other facial components, the best We guarantee the result. The successful results of hundreds of nasal cosmetic surgeries and patient satisfaction testify to the success of Iran's cosmetic surgery complex.

We reduce the risk of postoperative nasal complications.

Common complications of nosebleeds, bruising, and swelling of the face and around the eyes that resolve over time. At the Iranian Cosmetic Surgery Center, we have solutions to minimize these problems. But sometimes serious problems can occur, including infection, bleeding, damage to the cavities and skin problems, as well as respiratory problems and complications of general anesthesia. At the Iranian Cosmetic Center, we carefully reduce the risk of these complications by carefully observing the aspects of nasal surgery and anticipating possible conditions and considering the highest standards of cosmetic surgery.

 nose job in iran

The specialist nurse will be waiting for you to come to your senses with a gift

After nasal surgery, at the Iranian Surgery Center, when you wake up in the recovery room, you see a specialist and kind nurse taking care of you and checking your vital signs. And will answer all your needs and questions calmly. It will also provide necessary reminders for recovering. And all the material presented orally will give you a brochure to read if necessary. It will also give you care supplies as a gift.


After the nose surgery, in the event of a problem or any surgical error, the reconstructive surgery is free!

In rare cases, there may be problems after nose surgery. In this case, the Iranian Surgery Center will perform the reconstructive surgery for you free of charge. All costs will be borne by us. Keep in mind, however, that minor and taste problems do not include free surgical repair and can be performed at an additional cost if the surgery is repeated.


Online consultation with plastic surgeon

Before attending Iran Cosmetic Surgery Center you can consult your plastic surgeon online by posting a photo of your face. And be aware of the costs and quality of your cosmetic surgery. At a face-to-face consultation meeting, share your expectations with the surgeon, and in the event you do not consider a specific form, our experienced cosmetic surgeon with many years of experience and other parts of your face will offer you the best.


Expressing your purpose in nose surgery can be very simple and sometimes quite difficult. Communicating verbally with your plastic surgeon is key to achieving optimal results. But be aware that it is difficult to accurately predict the results of a nose surgery. Bone, cartilage, and soft tissue are confined to a very small area, and the way the tissues heal is different after nose surgery. In some cases, you may need to do more than one action to meet your expectations.

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Suitable candidates for nasal surgery

  Candidates for nose surgery are healthy people whose facial development is over (generally people aged 16 or over)
Rhinoplasty can be performed at the doctor's recommendation at any age. Its age range is very wide: newborns may need reconstructive surgery because of a cleft lip or palate, and elderly patients may have to undergo reconstructive surgery to remove the tumor.

Your tasks before nose surgery

Prior to nasal surgery, discontinue taking medications that interfere with blood coagulation, such as aspirin, birth control, anti-inflammatory, hormonal drugs, vitamin E, medications and herbal supplements.
If you smoke, quit smoking 6 weeks before your nose to strengthen your body's immune system.
The cosmetic surgeon will probably ask for some tests to check your health.

Methods of performing nasal surgery

  The nose surgery is usually performed on an outpatient basis, in a surgical center, or in a hospital operating room. This is usually done with topical anesthesia with intravenous hypnotics or general anesthesia.
  Nasal surgery is usually performed in one of two ways:
• Closed-nose surgery, with more direct vision and limited access to the nose structure of surgical incisions inside the nose.

  • Nasal surgery is an open procedure, in which the base of the nose (between two nasal cavities) is cut. So that the soft tissue can be lifted so that the surgeon can see the underlying structure independently. In open surgery, the surgeon has more control over the different parts of the nose.

Cartilage and bone may be cut, removed, moved, or grafted to enlarge or enlarge different parts of the nose.
Soft tissue may also be reduced or enlarged or deformed. To remove your nose, they will break your nose during surgery. The correct term is osteotomy or a fractured nasal bone at the designated site. All changes to your nasal structure as part of your nasal surgery procedure are pre-programmed.

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What you get after your nose surgery

 After nose surgery, the nose may be dressed to keep the nose structure in place during healing. Or they may drain into your nose to remove fluids. When the bones are broken during surgery, the nose may be plastered to stay firm in the healing process.
After nose surgery, the face becomes bruised and swollen, especially in the area under the eyes.
 You should expect pain in the days following nasal surgery. You may also feel pain and discomfort at upper teeth. Cold compresses and medication help control and reduce swelling and pain. After the nose surgery, within six weeks, most swelling and bruising will no longer be visible, except at the tip of the nose.
In the first few days, your food should be watery.


Your duties after nose surgery

It is important to keep your head high after your nose surgery, to reduce swelling and bruising and not to swallow nasal fluids. In the first 48 hours after nasal surgery, the material will come out of your nose. It may be thick and bloody, and you may need to change your back cover early to feel clean and comfortable.

You may be in bed or on the couch for the first day after surgery, but you should be under your head all the time and sleep on the back in an open vault.
 You should be with an adult in charge within the first 24 hours after nasal surgery.
You also need to walk a little while an adult is in charge of you.
Do not bend and do not lift anything heavy. The drains are usually removed within one to two days after the nose operation.
 Within a week, dressing and gypsum may also be removed, and the swelling and bruising will decrease. Once you feel ready, you can resume your daily activities, but do not do heavy physical activity until your surgeon has allowed it. Do not do any activities that risk damaging your nose because the nose may simply break again.
You should apply sunscreen at least one year after your nose surgery. Your nose builds and soft tissues on it take at least a year to stabilize in their final form.

 Fleshy nose surgery

How many of your goals for nose surgery are achievable?

  The end result of a nose surgery may be fully known a year later. But even the preliminary results can be very satisfying.
The results of nasal surgery are permanent, although as people age, their nose may change, including changes in cartilage and nasal tip drop.


Keep in mind, this is your nose, don't expect to get the nose picture you like for a plastic surgeon and make one like this for your nose surgery. It is the arrangement of all the facial components together - not the nose alone - that make up your face. Even if your nose looks exactly like the nose of the photo, you will still not be the owner of the photo.
 Often, the structure of the nose and its soft tissues are such that they do not allow your nose to be shaped the way you like it. In short, you can't create this nose. So you should talk to your plastic surgeon clearly and know what results can be achieved and which ones are not achievable.

Complementary surgeries with nasal surgery

  To create harmony in the face, nasal cosmetic surgery may be performed along with other facial surgeries (mainly prosthesis, if any). It can also be done with facial rejuvenation to relieve symptoms of aging.

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