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How is the Brazilian butt  Lift?

In the Brazilian butt  lift, in addition to the hip lift, they increase butt volume by injecting lipids extracted from other areas of the body (such as the abdomen, waist and thigh) by liposuction.
In this way, you will make your body look more attractive without the use of implants and only the extra fat. You'll find it much easier and less painful with a shorter recovery time and the least amount of subsequent complications.

There are no concerns in the Brazilian butt  lift such as tenderness and incompatibility. Your fats are purified and injected into your buttocks.

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Why is Iranian Cosmetic Surgery Center the best option for butt  lift?

Reduce the risk of butt  lift complications

Complications of the buttocks include infections, bruising and swelling, discomfort and asymmetry of the butt  and unpleasant ulcers, and in rare cases embolism is fat.
At the Iranian Cosmetic Surgery Center, we strive to prevent them from adhering to the latest state-of-the-art standards and the use of Iran's top plastic surgeons.


Hips more prominent and shapely:

Our skilled plastic surgeons in Iranian cosmetic surgery have a long experience in the Brazilian hip lift. Hundreds of successful butt  lifts and other types of cosmetic surgeries reflect the experience and skill of surgeons in performing a variety of cosmetic surgeries, and patients' satisfaction is a testimony to our experience and expertise at our Iranian Cosmetic Surgery Center.

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Very accurate and very small cut

At the Iranian Cosmetic Surgery Center, we try to make as little cuts as possible at the surgical site. To create very delicate scars and thus to recover comfortably. For liposuction, we make cuts of less than half a millimeter in place of extra fat and inject the needle into the fat, leaving no trace of the scar.


Liposuction and lipid purification with new and higher fat shelf life:

At Iranian Cosmetic Surgery, we use a jet body for liposuction. In this method, fats are removed from the tissue with minimal damage, along with veins and nerve fibers.
And the percentage of fat deaths is drastically lower. As a result, fat accumulation in different organs of the target, such as the buttocks or breasts, is prevented. Filter and purification are performed simultaneously in the use of the jet body with the separation of fats. And you don't have to wait for the patient like other methods. This makes the injectable fats more durable and more adaptable to the new environment. These fats will also warm up with your body before being injected into your body to make you feel good when you are awake.

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Provide medical rest certificate for 3 weeks:

Since you cannot sit on your butt  for at least 3 weeks after a hip lift surgery, we issue a Certified Medical Rest Certificate at the Iranian Cosmetic Surgery Center. You can enjoy a comfortable recovery without worrying about working conditions.


Using experienced nurses to the latest stages of hip lift surgery:

When you wake up, you will find a specialist and kind nurse ready to help you check your health and answer all your needs and questions. A warm blanket is drawn over you and gives you the necessary reminders to spend your time recovering.


What is the process of Brazilian Lift and butt  Lift?

Step One, Advice:

In the consultation process, your medical and fitness history will be reviewed. For the cosmetic surgeon to see if there is enough fat in the thigh, abdomen and buttocks to perform the Brazilian hip lift.
 Examines the appropriate site for liposuction and necessary incisions. The cosmetic surgeon will talk to you about the possible complications and the procedure and procedure of butt  lift.
At this point you should clearly state your expectations for the outcome of the surgery. And if you have diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, thyroid disease, heart disease and any other illness, be sure to report it to a plastic surgeon.

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30 to 60 percent of the injected fat will be absorbed by the body. So you need to have about 10 to 15kg of fat in different areas of your abdomen and flanks to be a good candidate for the Brazilian butt lift. That is, three times the amount we want to inject into our hips. How much fat is left over depends on how your post-operative care and body system, including the butt  model, and how much space your hip has for injection. The lower the pressure on the fat and the more space for fat injection, the longer the fat in the hip will last. If you do not have adequate fat reserves, you may want to consider other ways to raise your hip such as a prosthesis and implant, according to the plastic surgeon.

What to do before performing a Brazilian butt  lift?

Discontinue medications that interfere with blood coagulation, such as aspirin, contraception, anti-inflammatory, hormonal drugs, vitamin E, medications, and herbal supplements. Brazilians stop smoking.
The cosmetic surgeon will probably ask for some tests to check your health.


How to operate the Brazilian butt  lift

butt lift is a 2- to 4-hour surgical procedure, often with mild general anesthesia, local anesthesia, and intravenous hypnotic medication.
  Initially, the fats taken from your body are purified by centrifugation or a purification process. For injection into the buttocks, the purified fat is injected uniformly across the buttocks through a syringe attached to the special cannula tube so that the buttocks are symmetrical and uniform.

The size and method of cutting your hips for draining extra fat or pulling the skin varies depending on the amount and location of the extra skin and fat.
But it is often cut below the hip wrist above the thigh. After the extra skin and fat tissues have been removed, the remaining skin is pulled tight to the tissue and a new hip shape is created.
  Finally the cut is sutured and dressed. Pipes may be placed under the skin to remove excess fluid.
After lifting your hips you will have a little swelling, bruising and redness that will improve over time.

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How is recovering from a Brazilian butt lift practice?

After injecting fat into the hip, be careful not to put any pressure on the hip because the fat needs to adapt to the new environment and the blood vessels must grow inside the fat to keep the fat alive. During this period of about a month, you should not sit on your hips and lie down. If you have a job that doesn't require sitting, you can go to work within a week. Otherwise, plan a one-month vacation because you shouldn't sit on your hips for more than 10 minutes.
In addition, during this time you should wear a gauze for uniform fat formation in the buttocks. And you should avoid vigorous or prolonged activities. Until new wounds and fats are exposed to excessive pressure and movement.
If the fats persist for the first six months, the results of buttock lifting will in most cases last up to 5 years or more.

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